Nuy on the Hill

The weekend is around the corner, why not take a short roadtrip?
Nuy on the Hill by TheOneK

Nuy Valley turn-off is about 15km from Worcester en route to Robertson and 75 minutes drive from Cape Town.  So, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, we decided to take a drive out to Nuy on the Hill, situated on Nuy Winery.

Nuy on the Hill is only recently established in 2015, where as Nuy Winery however was founded in 1963. Nuy Winery was built on only one cornerstone:  Quality

Besides the winery and eatery, Nuy on the hill has its on MTB trail which, obviously, I wanted to go ride! 😉 Nuy on the Hill is the perfect spot for friends or family to take a break a spend a few hours, enjoy good food, wine and for the more adventurous, hit the trail.

Nuy on the Hill by TheOneK


Nuy on the Hill has a good variety of items on the menu. Rumour has it that their Vin Rough burger is a must! The Vin Rough has a 150g homemade beef patty with red wine marmalade, freshly sliced avocado and top with biltong served with homemade mayo & garlic aioli and chips.

Nuy on the Hill by TheOneK

We opted for the tapas this time, just because there are so many tapas to choose from. One thing is for sure, you get value for money and the food is freshly prepared.


The new building was built and completed in 2015. If you have a special event, birthday or wedding coming up. Consider Nuy on the Hill for with its modern barnyard feel and spectacular views.
Nuy on the Hill by TheOneK

Nuy on the Hill by TheOneK

Nuy on the Hill by TheOneK


Nuy on the Hill sales and stock Nuy wines . The wine tasting areas is beautifully lit and for a small fee, you can taste varies wines from the Nuy collection.

Nuy on the Hill by TheOneK

Nuy on the Hill by TheOneK

Nuy Winery purposely run a small operation in order to ensure that every part of the winemaking process is done under a watchful, experienced eye. Due to the location of the vineyards near the Langeberg Mountains, temperatures remain relatively low and this promotes slower growth of the grapes and results in “healthy, flavourful fruit.”

The Ride

Nuy on the Hill by TheOneK

The Nuy on the Hill Mountain bike route is not a route for the hardcore technical MTB rider, but rather for a weekend warrior family affair.

Expect to ride for 23km (it is promoted as 30km) but it is a fair challenge where if you want to push the pace, you can very easily ride past markers without noticing them (oops, guilty..)

First off, you start next to the restaurant and ride on a mixed single and jeep track adjacent to the R60 between Worcester and Robertson riding on farms giving permission to riders doing the route.

Nuy on the Hill by TheOneKThen you turn away from the familiar road and venture onto the farms with a view of the local scenery, beautiful in it’s own right. Once you reach the end of the farm roads you head back to the restaurant for a quick shower, (Yes shower facilities at the restaurant) and then a nice brunch or lunch, if you’ve made a booking as they get busy real quick!

There are several small technical climbs giving your tyres a good test on the loose stones and sand, but nothing to fear, just a good solid ride.

This will give you a good workout if you want a short punchy ride. This route has a great advantage though, in that it has many beautiful dams with great photo opps and it is best enjoyed with a loved one for great memories.

Nuy on the Hill by TheOneK

Check in with Nuy on the Hill on their Facebook page.


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