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Pajamas + Jam |

Welcome to Pajamas & Jam. Situated in Strand, just off the N2 . They have good food, decor and little treats to keep the magic going! We recently popped in for a Saturday morning breakfast and some browsing around.

More about Pajamas + Jam

This eatery is owned by the two sisters and their mother. Melissa, Natasha and mom, Sandra, make a mean team since the doors opened in September 2011.

If you are as curious and wondered why it is called “PAJAMAS & JAM”, you would smile at the response Melissa gave;

A long time ago, my mom, Sandra, made us pajamas to wear while lounging around. as a Christmas gift, so she named the range ‘Pajamas & Jam’ that’s how the name was chosen for the eatery.

I also asked Melissa more about her first memory of baking and where they get their inspiration from for their menu.

Melissa mentioned that one of her first memories was of her standing in my mothers very small, very narrow, kitchen , busy creating the funniest flavours in all kinds of bowls.  The family had to pretend to taste and love it. Melissa went on to say that she finds inspiration in colours and textures, and somehow get a combination that works together in a meal.

Well, it is clearly working!

The Menu

This is definitely a spot if you’re in the mood for “something a bit different”. I would say that I am an adventurous-eater myself. Always trying something new or different on a menu. With that said; the Dukkah Pesto scrambled eggs grabbed me! Dukkah is a spice mixture that usually consists of sesame seeds, coriander, and cumin, and originates from Egypt and the Middle East. The Basil Pesto complimented the Dukkah scrambled eggs perfectly. Served with a slice of toast on the side to add to a good portion. Prices are reasonable for a gourmet breakfast and range from R40 to R82.

As for drinks, again Pajamas + Jam has a wide variety of specialty drinks. The_Only_L (aka hubby), decided to have a Nutella Hot Chocolate (R28). Whereas I had a good all Red Flat White (R24). They also offer a selection of teas, smoothies, syrups, cordials and fresh juices.

The Deli

Calling all those of you with a sweet-tooth! Pajamas + Jam is the spot if you are looking for flaky pastries, mini-glorious cakes and delightful tartlets. I don’t have a sweet-tooth, but there was enough treats here to even convince me to buy something. Some of the treats include;

  • White Raspberry tart – R32
  • Lemon tart with homemade meringues -R40
  • Lady Red Beetroot cake – R45
  • Lady Bubbledot chocolate cake – R32
  • Lady Emerald peppermint cheese cake – R60 < You got me here! 😉

There is also a selection of fresh breads, so skip the market and come grab a breakfast and stock up on fresh bread and goods from the Deli.

The Decor & Vibe

Pajamas + Jam, described by the owners, is first and foremost an eatery, but with some lovely extras.  They have a corner with gifts , fresh flowers or greenery and then also antiques. This combination is what makes Pajamas + Jam. The rustic antiques with the beautiful fresh flowers and delectable cakes and food.

If you haven’t been there, we recommend you make time to visit the family-owned eatery.

Pajamas + Jam by TheOneK.comSource

Pajamas + Jam |

Pajamas + Jam by


Pajamas + Jam |

Pajamas + Jam resume trading for 2018 from today!

Follow them on Facebook page + Instagram for more information. 


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