CANSA South Africa: Donating my hair!

I FINALLY DID IT! Yes, I finally grew my hair long enough to cut it off and donate it to CANSA South Africa.

Why did I do it?

The true reason is that in my life and those close to me have been touched by cancer in one form or another. To see a close relative go through chemotherapy and see what it does to your body is truly heartbreaking. Even more so, when they start losing their hair due to chemotherapy. It feels like a  piece of your identity is taken from you.

I have family members and friends who have survived and is now in remission, but to those who have fought hard and made the best of every second of life, but lost the fight against cancer. This was my tribute to them!

By cutting off my hair, I hope to help a cancer patient who might’ve lost their hair during chemotherapy by giving my hair to CANSA who will make wigs for cancer patients. This is only a small token from me to those fighting against this disease every day. Also, by doing this and publishing it online. I hope to encourage others to grow their hair and donate it to this worthy cause!CANSA |

Here is what you need to know when donating your hair!

There are a few requirements which one needs to follow: 

  • Ponytail donation that is 25 cm or longer.
  • Hair should be clean and dry.
  • All hair whether dyed or treated is acceptable. Sorry, but CANSA is not able to use dreadlocks.
  • When cutting the hair, please bind both ends with an elastic band and place in a zip-lock bag (this preserves it in the best condition while being transported to the wig manufacturer).
  • Send your hair donation in a plastic bag with your name and contact details on it.
  • Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (Hair Donations) document.


Send it away!

Post your Human Hair Donations to CANSA directly or contact one of the local CANSA offices for more info.

  • For Att: Lucinda Carter
    CANSA Head Office
    P.O. Box 2121, Bedfordview 2008

CANSA | TheOneK.comCANSA | TheOneK.comv

To find out more about CANSA South Africa, visit their Facebook page or scroll-on-over to their Instagram account, now!

ps. Keep an eye out for more details of the upcoming 2018 CANSA #Shavathon

CANSA Shavathon 2018


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