VYE: Performance Cycling Kit Review


The One K | Vye Cycling kit

Our weekends consist of long rides and many kilometres. It is perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but it works for us! 😅 We were also lucky enough to receive new threads from VYE.

VYE Cycle Kit

What the Vye?

Vye Cycle Kit is a local sports manufacturer that produces quality cycle wear in South Africa. Vye produces all designs and production in-house. What makes them great, is that Vye caters for individual orders, retail and corporate teams. One thing they pride themselves is attention to detail, personalised service and quick turn around times are at the top of their priority list.

The OG Vye Collective Series

I am a fan of black, white and gold to start off with, but the OG Collective series from Vye, hits the nail on the head!

This kit looks HOT! 🔥🔥🔥

The One K | Vye Cycling kit

The Threads

The Velo Race Garment makes use of a slightly thicker than normal spandex on the front, resulting in a wind breaking frontal area that is suitable all year round. The side panels use a lightweight yet durable mesh for breathability, whilst the back of the garment possesses a moisture managing birds eye 1-way stretch material, meaning the garment will hug you back laterally but not allow for sagging or stretch vertically. The Velo Race Garment contains silicone gripper on the cuffs and waistband, keeping the garment where it should be.

The One K | Vye Cycling kit

Vye Cycle Bib-shorts and garments are available in ladies and men’s specific cuts, the bib-shorts make use of a durable 240g Lycra and Italian cycle pad (ladies or men’s) from Elastic Interface. The kit is pressed, hand cut and stitched in Cape Town, South Africa.

The One K | Vye Cycling kit

Let’s have a look in detail

The Vye Cycle Bib-shorts has a relatively good quality chamois that should be able to handle any medium to long (1-5hours) rides. We even did a brick session in the kit one Saturday morning without any issues or chafing. The bib-short sat perfectly and did not move. Obviously, coming from a triathlete, I am used to a lot less padding and wouldn’t recommend running in thick cycling chamois. 😉

I did, however, hear the Vye team say that they are working on a Lifestyle collection that will also include 1-piece Trisuits, which is obviously excellent news to me!

To get back to the Vye Cycle Bib-shorts; the mesh straps fit the shoulders perfectly and provide sturdy support. The only thing we didn’t like, is the material covering your stomach is cut a bit too low. Hey, if you have a pot-belly after a beer or two this might show, and just me being a female it’s a bit awkward. I’d prefer it to be slightly higher.

The silicone gripper of the cuffs of both the bib-shorts and the Velo Race Garment is an icon to Vye. It rounds off the kit so well and feels so comfortable!

Overall, well impressed with the OG Collective series from Vye! It makes me even happier to know it is locally produced, which is great for our local economy and supporting South African brands, instead of importing.

The One K | Vye Cycling kit

If you are keen to join the cool kids with #NewKitDay and wish to ride in your own set. Contact the Vye team at sales@vyecyclekit.co.za or phone them on +27 (0)21 593 0887.

The One K | Vye Cycling kit


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