SA Fashion icons team up with Budweiser to #ClearTheAir for World Environment Day.

World Environment Day is becoming more important than we think! Global warming is a real thing, and if we as humans aren’t proactive about making a change in how we live on a daily basis, the planet as we know it. Will not look the same in the next 10 years.

I was intrigued by the latest Budwesier SA campaign #ClearTheAir mixing local fashion icons to create awareness about current environmental challenges. Here’s the load down….

Press release by Budweiser South Africa

image supplied.

Johannesburg, 06 June 2019: Social media was a buzz yesterday with some of SA’s top style icons sporting the latest in designer face masks. Far more than a striking fashion statement however, the eye catching visuals dropped into our news feeds aimed to spark an important conversation around our collective responsibility to protect the environment.

Joining the global call to action on World Environment DayTrevor Stuurman; Karabo Poppy; Tracy Lee Rosslind; Lerato Kgamanyane and Justine and Jodie Peterson teamed up with Budweiser to shine a spotlight on one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time – air pollution.

“If we take care of the world, it will also take care of us. It’s not only important for those who will walk the earth after us but for us today to live to our fullest potential. The air we breathe is the first step. Air pollution is destroying the most important source to life. We need to care. Our world, our health and our lives depend on it. Let’s live consciously. World Environment day is a call to action,” comments Trevor Stuurman.

With nine out of 10 people worldwide breathing in polluted air, it has been identified as the most important health issue of today, causing one in nine deaths globally and an estimated seven million premature deaths every year. Add to this the negative impact on our natural environment, decreasing the oxygen supply in our oceans, making it harder for plants to grow and contributing to climate change. It is no surprise that the United Nations named it the central theme this year.

The air I breathe when I spray paint is not the air I want to breathe when I don’t. The preservation of our planet is up to us. Procrastination is not an option, start the change NOW,” adds Karabo Poppy.

For AB InBev, spearheading initiatives that bring people together to create a Better World is a business imperative. And with Budweiser placing a particular focus on renewable energy, this year’s World Environment Day theme was a natural fit for the brand.

Both in terms of creating a platform to encourage a meaningful conversation around how we can work together to combat air pollution, and also to highlight the proactive steps the brand is taking globally to protect the environment with its sustainability goal to be running on 100% renewable energy by the year 2025.

We’re committed to building a brighter future through renewable energy. Protecting our environment is a shared responsibility.

We all need to do our part. Individuals, communities, businesses and government. But we understand that it’s perhaps easy to be overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge and that it can sometimes be difficult to know how to make a difference or where to start. So, as a leading global brand, we have an important role to play to empower and lead from the front,” says Kwandisiwe Nhlapo, brand manager at Budweiser SA.

To date Budweiser breweries in Canada, The United States and Australia are all running on 100% renewable energy, with China well on its way to joining the list. South Africa has also started its journey with the installation of solar panels at its three breweries, all set to be up and running before the end of the year. Taking it even further, the brand will also be installing solar panels at selected taverns across the country, creating a full supply-circle, with renewable energy being used to brew the beer and keep it cold.

By moving over to renewable energy, we will be reducing the impact that we have on air pollution in South Africa and around the world. We’re committed to creating a better world for us all to live in and enjoy, and we hope that everyone will join us in taking up the challenge and doing their part to building a brighter future,” Nhlapo concludes.

Do your bit today to make a difference tomorrow!


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