The One K is a lifestyle blog and content is posted by owner, Karlien. The blog name originated as a type of abbreviation from my own name and is now known as The One (and only) K.

The One K blog

Who is The One K?

Hi, my name is Karlien, born in Cape Town raised in Benoni. Yes, the same town which Charlize Theron originated from.  According to my profession, I’m a qualified jock. I am also qualified and involved in the crazy world of online marketing. According to my passion, I am an appreciator of good food and great wine and sharing those moments with the people that really matter.

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THE ONE K blog

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lukraakvars says:

    Hey Karlien, love die look en feel van jou blog. Lees graag meer van jou!

    1. theonek says:

      Dankie! “Likewise” 😉

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